Nowadays, translation tools are part of the working process and their usefulness is undeniable. Linguee is an online bilingual platform that serves as an online dictionary for various languages. The platform’s functionality is based on translation memory, while other such platforms use machine learning for translation. This uniqueness makes it an exceptional place for translators. Here are 5 main reasons to use Linguee as a translator in 2021.


Liguee is a diverse translation platform in terms of bilingual pairs of sentences. It contains translations of singular words and sentences that are widely used in online publications. It helps you know how a single word or a pair of words is used in different contexts. Most of the other platforms lack this feature. This tool’s uniqueness is its major strength as far as its competition is concerned.

Offline Features

If you have bad network connectivity, then Linguee is the best translation option for you as it operates offline as well. You do not have to wait for your internet connection to resume its speed. It will surely save a lot of time and effort. What else would a translator ask for?

Multiple Languages

Linguee is a wide translation platform in terms of supporting different languages and dialects. According to recent updates, it supports more than 25 dialects. It is often used in law firms in European countries including Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Users translate single words or sentences instead of paragraphs on this platform.



Linguee is also a great tool for high school or university students who want to improve their translation skills. It boosts translation skills in a smart way. It contains features of recorded punctuations and example sentences, enabling students to use foreign languages with relative ease.


The best feature of Linguee is its ad-free nature. Most of online translation services contain numerous ads, which can somehow be annoying. You will not find any ads while using it online or offline. Moreover, it is an absolutely free platform. The best way to use this tool is to download its app from Google Play on your smartphone or desktop. This way, you can use it anywhere in the world as you want.


Linguee is undoubtedly a useful tool for translators to get their job done quickly, efficiently, and effectively. It has amazing, unique features that are highly beneficial for translators, students, businesses, and even law firms. It contains translation of millions of words and sentences in over 25 languages, which makes it a huge database. It works splendidly both online and offline without any ads. Last but not least, it is a time-saving, effective, and efficient medium for improving translation skills and understanding foreign languages like a pro.