The need for transcription is rising in the digital age. There are many free transcription tools for professional transcribers or anyone else that make their job easier. Here are free transcription tools you should know in 2021 to get amazing results.

1.     Express Scribe

You can install Express Scribe on your Mac or PC free of cost. It is a powerful industry tool that is designed for professional transcribers. You can easily control everything on it by using your keyboard. A simple and easy user interface and several hotkeys make your job easier by using this software. Express Scribe has both free and paid versions. However, the free version also has various useful features for every transcriber.

2.     The FTW Transcriber

The FTW Transcriber is a downloadable tool for professional transcribers. It has high-quality audio playback. You can get help from various features of this free tool including automatic timestamps and a huge range of audio and video file types. You can move the tool to any spot on your computer screen while using it for transcriptions. Moreover, you can use it on your smartphone as well for more convenience.

3.     OTranscribe

It is one of the most popular tools available on the internet. You can use OTranscribe straight out of your web browser free of cost. You can control the audio player and text editor in the same window by using this free, open-source tool. This tool has the amazing feature of automatically saving your progress on a particular file. You can control it by using a keyboard. Moreover, you can create various keyboard shortcuts to make things easier and quicker for you as a professional transcriber.

6 Free Transcription Tools You Should

4.     Transcribe

You get two options by using Transcribe based on your preferred style for transcription work including manual typing and dictation option. In the manual typing option, you can use an editor and audio player to get the job done. In the dictation option, you can speak by using a microphone to convert your words into text. This tool has the feature of voice recognition and converting it into text. The dictation option is easier and faster as compared to the typing option.

5.     Inqscribe

You can do all of your transcriptions in a single window by using Inqscribe. Inqscribe is a free, downloadable tool for professional transcribers. It has an important feature of adding time codes anywhere in the transcript. It has a huge range of audio and video playing tools. You can play an audio or video in the player from a URL, hard drive, CD, flash drive, or a server. The simple interface of this tool makes things easier for every transcriber. More importantly, it is a free tool.

6.     Otter

Otter is one of the most amazing online transcription tools. It uses a machine-learning algorithm to convert audio/video files into text automatically. You can upload both audio and video files to automatically transcribe them. It also has a text editor to do transcriptions manually. Apart from these, it has some other notable features including natural language processing, speech recognition, annotations, collaboration tools, playback controls, timecoding, and closed captions.

What are you waiting for? Use one of these tools now to reach top levels as a professional transcriber. They are easy to use and produce efficient results, making your job easier and quicker. Try them now!