Writing and reading culture is  mostly made easy with online dictionaries in the current digital world. To know the clear and concise meaning of a word, you must use a dictionary. You will come across a lot of dictionaries on the internet. This article will help you  know some of the best online dictionaries.


Wiktionary is a multilingual dictionary which deals with the meanings and descriptions of millions of words in different languages. A reader can easily understand a word by reading its meaning and description on Wiktionary. It also includes the features of translation, pronunciation, quotations, antonyms and synonyms words. Wiktionary covers a huge number of languages to help people all across the world. The Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization, based in the US, is running this mega online dictionary.

Collins Dictionary

If you are looking for the synonyms, antonyms, translation, grammar, and description of a word in English, French, Hindi, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese languages, then Collins Dictionary is the best platform for you. Collins is an established publisher of educational and language books. Language specialists working with Collins are experienced to reflect authentic language throughout this amazing online dictionary. Moreover, you will find the latest changes happening in the world’s leading languages in the blog section of Collins. You can get a lot of information in the Collins Thesaurus as it is compiled by experienced lexicographers. For translators, it is one of the best online dictionaries.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a great extension available on Google Chrome. You can easily view definitions of words while browsing after installing this extension. You just need to double click on a word to access the definition you want to know. Foreign words will automatically be translated to your chosen or selected language when you will double click a word. It is one of the easiest ways to get the meanings of foreign words in your language. Google Dictionary supports a huge number of language dictionaries including English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, and many more.

Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary is famous students and learners. It deals with the definition of  words in Both British and American English. You will get the meanings, synonyms, quotations, sample sentences, and pronunciation of an English word on this platform. It is also serving as a teaching site where you can improve your language skills by watching videos and listening to the audios related to the exact pronunciation of a word. The aim of this online dictionary is to strive for excellence in research and education. Here are some of the best features of Oxford Dictionary: –

  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary premium
  • Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English
  • Practical English Usage by Michael Swan
  • Oxford Collocation Dictionary


Dictionary.com is an amazing online dictionary with splendid features. The website includes options of meaning, word games, learning, writing, and thesaurus. You will learn a new word daily via the ‘Word of the Day’ feature of this online dictionary. By playing word games, you will improve your language skills in an entertaining way. Moreover, you can learn reading, speaking, and writing skills through Dictionary.com. This dictionary also tells the history and origin of a word you want to know.

Cambridge Online Dictionary

Cambridge Online Dictionary is used by millions of people for academic and official purposes. It supports translation for more than 20 languages. Main features of this online dictionary are grammar, meaning, and translation. For translators, it is a one-stop platform to get their jobs done in an effective manner. Moreover, you can improve your speaking skills by using the audio pronunciation option. Dictionary.com also deals with idioms, phrasal words, and thesaurus.

Macmillan Online Dictionary

If you want to learn something new daily, then Macmillan Online Dictionary is the best online site for you. It is one of the best online dictionaries for English speaking people. You will get the description, meaning, synonyms, and other related terms of every word you will search there. Moreover, you will know the frequency of a word used in English through several signs. If you want to improve your English language skills, then you must visit this online dictionary frequently.

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is an online platform where you will know the meanings of slangs and words used in the streets. It does not mostly include formal words. If you are an academic writer, then this dictionary will not help you a lot. However, translators will find this dictionary helpful as they will find urban words used on most online platforms. The best thing about this dictionary is that it includes those words which you will not find in academic and other standard dictionaries. So, it is helpful for translators of the current era.

The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary by Farlex is one of the most comprehensive dictionaries in the world. It deals with dictionaries in dozens of languages. You will find meaning, synonyms, idioms, and acronyms of every word or symbol you will search on this online dictionary. The Free Dictionary includes medical, financial, and law dictionaries separately. If you want to get help with grammar, then it is the best platform for you. It is a simple but effective online dictionary. You will surely find it helpful when you will start using it.