English fellowship programs for teachers are designed to improve their English language teaching skills and promote English language at the international level. International fellowship programs are available for the teachers at every level even recent graduates. By attending these fellowship programs, you get a chance to teach the English language to non-native speakers abroad. In this article, you will discover 10 English Fellowships you should attend as a teacher.

English Language Fellow Program

The English Language Fellow Program is an initiative of the US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. You should attend this program if you are a US-based English language teacher. A participant of this program gets a chance to attend a 10-months fellowship at prestigious institutes all across the globe. Qualified teachers teach English to non-native speakers under the ELF program. The US government covers all necessary stipends for participants, including health insurance.

English Language Specialist Program

It is a short-term program that allows US professional English language teachers to conduct English language teaching sessions in different countries. It is an initiative of the US Department of State to help professionals in the field of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). US embassies in different countries of the world get viable assistance through this program to ensure their healthy relationships with other countries.

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET)

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) is a fellowship program that promotes international exchange between Japan and other countries in the world. It is one of the biggest international exchange programs. The Japanese local government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Interior Ministry, and the Ministry of Communication are playing an administrative role in this program. At the moment, 57 countries have been participating in the JET Program. More than 70000 people have participated in this program since its creation 33 years ago.

HAEF Teaching Fellowship/Fulbright Greece

Under the HAEF Teaching Fellowship/Fulbright Greece program, newly graduates from prestigious universities of the USA get twelve fellowships. The purpose of the program is to improve relationships between the Foundation and the US. Fellows work as young ambassadors to promote cross-cultural education. They do their job as a role model for other students. They interact with elementary, middle, and high school students frequently to help them in different situations including admissions, libraries, and forensic clubs.

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US Teaching Assistantships at Austrian Secondary Schools

The Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship program offered by the Federal Ministry of Education of Austria recruits more than 140 English language graduates coming from the States in order to teach English language in Austrian Secondary schools. This program also attracts  students coming from countries like Italy, Spain, Russia or France to learn in the Austrian Secondary Schools. Professional teachers teach students coming from different cultures, which that enhances cross-cultural relationships.

English Open Doors Program (Chile)

The EODP program is initiated by the Ministry of Education of Chile. The purpose of this program is to teach English language to students. Volunteers spend 35-hours each week in public schools in Chile to educate students. Volunteers get a monthly allowance, meal, medical insurance, and accommodation from the Ministry of Education. The registrations for joining the program usually opens in September every year.

France’s Teaching Assistant Program

It is a seven-month program that allows you to teach English to French students. American citizens are enroled every year under this program. According to recent stats, 1100 US residents are hired every year to teach English to French speaking students in public schools. The Teaching Assistant Program pays teachers, a monthly allowances for their services. The application fee is $60. You can apply for this program from October until January.

Teach and Learn (Georgia)

Georgia is offering a special program to foreign citizens to come to their country for learning their customs. The selected volunteer spends 1 year in Georgia under this program. He/she learns Georgian language and the Georgian culture during his/her stay in the country. The program provides all necessary benefits to volunteers including monthly allowance, accommodation, food, and others.

English Language Program in Korea

The English Program was introduced in Korea back in 1995 by the Ministry of Education of Korea. The program offers English language experts, to come to Korea to improve English language skills of Korean teachers. Indeed, students also benefit from this program. It is a highly beneficial program for the recruited teachers as it pays them a monthly salary, accommodation, travel allowance, and medical insurance. However, you should only apply for this fellowship if you have a good teaching experience.

Teach for Thailand (TTC)

The TTC program recruits English language teaching experts to educate local Thai students. Thailand believes in improving language skills of its students and teachers. So, foreign teachers are hired to teach local people, underserved schools and colleges. A selected teacher gets a monthly salary, travel allowance, visa, and work permit under the TTC. It is also a highly beneficial program for English language teachers.