The Arizona Board of Regents issued a grant to University of Arizona to initiate its Online Translation Certificate program. This program aims to train students/professionals who have good Spanish and English writing skills. It is an advantageous certificate to be used as a complement while applying for any cross-linguistic job role. Students and/or professionals who are unable to attend regular university classes are ideal candidates for this certificate. According to the university sources, the certificate will be issued to those participants who will attain at least Grade C or higher in all three-course sequences.

Course Content

The Online Translation Certificate program of the University of Arizona contains three online courses including Online Medical Translation, Online Legal Translation, and Online Business Translation. The Online Medical Translation course guides students to translate commonly-used medical terms and sentences from English to Spanish. Both theoretical and practical aspects of medical translation are covered in this course. The commonly used texts in the legal domains are covered in the Online Legal Translation course. Students get practical assistance to deal with legal terms in both English and Spanish languages. Similarly, the Online Business Translation course deals with providing practical guidance to students in terms of translating commonly used business terms. Students are engaged in both practical and theoretical tasks under this course.

How to Apply for Online Translation Certificate


Students are required to visit this link for getting access to an online application form and enroll in the course. After downloading the form, they should fill and submit it by adding their educational and professional background. After that, they are required to complete and submit an online translation exam. Here are the main things that you should have in hand while applying for this course:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer and good knowledge of computer use
  • Formal writing proficiency in both English and Spanish languages
  • An application form

Who Should Apply for Online Translation Certificate

Candidates who do not have easy access to traditional education institutes are ideal for this certification course. They must possess high proficiency in written communication in both English and Spanish languages. Moreover, they should like to get other professional skills. Remember, it is a non-credit certificate sequence that is intended to be used as an excellent complement to any other professional degree. There are some careers that require bilingual skills. The course is designed by taking this factor under consideration.


If you are busy and do not have time to visit the University of Arizona in person, then the Online Translation Certificate program of the University of Arizona is an ideal choice for you. This program will help you  acquire an excellent complement to your professional degree. It will allow you to apply for various job roles where bilingual skills are required in English and Spanish. Apply for it now and add translation skills to your expertise.