Traveling to a country when you don’t understand the language can be a frustrating experience. Technology can assist us in beating the language barriers all over the world. Translation tools can help you access info and details in your native language. Although English is widely regarded as an international language, it doesn’t always work for everybody. Only 5% of the world’s population are native English speakers, and only a quarter of all online users understand English. Fortunately, AI-powered human translation tools such as Unbabel are here to assist in translation jobs. It’s great for both people and businesses.


About Unbabel

Unbabel emerged in 2014 and set up its headquarters in San Francisco, USA, apart from the one in its founder’s native in Lisbon, Portugal. Unbabel utilizes artificial intelligence along with human touch in doing translation tasks. It collaborates machine translation and outsourced human translators, providing a unique model from traditional tools.

Here are four reasons why you should use Unbabel to land translation jobs.


Machine-Human Combination

Regular machine translation platforms are great tools for quick and easy translating tasks. However, machines cannot provide a 100% accurate translation, especially when a word has several meanings or when a language’s word order is flexible. This is where human intervention ensures improvement in accuracy and efficiency. In that way, you have better customer satisfaction, providing top-notch translation pieces.


Global Reach

Unbabel facilitates multilingual support for companies operating anywhere in the world. All employees across the company can interact with each other in any local language worldwide. For instance, an app user can operate in Indonesian, while another user applies the same app in Spanish. Therefore, similar to the spread of e-commerce, possibilities to get translation jobs are limitless.


One Portal For All


The Unbabel portal is transparent, where you can have complete control in arranging the language translation support. Its self-service hub allows for simple management of your daily tasks, such as size, volume, and billing. On top of that, you can also have insights into all your operations handy. Managing your work in a single portal can never be that easy.



Seamless Workflow


Unbabel integrates with your existing customer service platforms. Otherwise, Unbabel can recommend a suitable API customized to your requirements. At an instant, you can work seamlessly with customers by providing translation support through emails, chats, FAQs, and many more applications and mediums. It was made possible through the application of breakthrough technology by a team of Unbabel experts.


Final Thoughts


Machine translation has evolved very quickly in the last decade or so. Development in artificial intelligence (AI) warrants machine translations in making quantum leaps. Translation work has never been this accurate and efficient before.

You can use one of the many machine translation tools available out there. But, still, you’d sacrifice accuracy since machines cannot fully acknowledge flexibility as the human mind can. With Unbabel, you have a one-of-a-kind translation with both AI machine and human touch combined, giving quality work at the highest level.