In world’s history, language has been a barrier to effective communications. People came up with tools like dictionaries to understand each other’s language for better communication. But that takes time, and the manual search for meanings makes it even more difficult.Luckily we have IoT technologies covering almost every aspect of our lives. Most Japanese don’t speak English, which somewhat makes it difficult for them to communicate with the international business communities which use English as their primary language. They created the first translation app that translates the words spoken on a mobile device to a mobile phone of the other person. Since then, there are many more such apps appearing in the market. One of the most popular is Microsoft Language Portal. Here are six ways Microsoft Language Portal can improve your work, but before that, let’s look at what defines it.

What is Microsoft Language Portal?


It’s an online dictionary specializing in IT and software, offering several languages consisting of computing terms. But, it also features a translation of text at the user interface. Initially, Microsoft allowed usage within the corporation only, but later, released it to the public in 2009.

Microsoft Terminology Collection


This collection helps provide local versions of apps that combine with Microsoft merchandise if you use many Microsoft products and services. It can integrate Microsoft terminology into others in almost 100 languages.

Style Guides

Microsoft Style Guides are accumulations of orders that specify style conventions for certain languages. Users find it practical for use as guidelines for localization. You can also search for language styles used in technical journals and data formats on specific markets.

Terminology Service API

Those who want to produce apps that extract data from the Microsoft Language Portal to their website or Windows Phone can benefit from the Microsoft Terminology Service API. For instance, there are several ways to use it, for example, looking up for translation, definition, and terminology on your site. In addition, you can suggest it in content and wiki community translations.

Globalize Documentation

The world’s software demands have been snowballing and not showing any slowdown amid the current pandemic. It seems that every walk of life requires an app for working. Microsoft Language Portal is capable of supporting several languages and data structures for global software and apps.



Global Audience

Your apps have the potential to reach out to the audience in more than 200 markets, using 100 languages. Expand your reach by using the Multilingual App Toolkit to localize your apps. Working as an extension under Visual Studio, it arranges for local file management, edit tools, and language translations.


Microsoft Translator

The Microsoft Translator provides free machine translation online. Enter a text or URL, and it will instantly give you a translation in over 100 languages of your choice. These handy features help translators develop a basic structure of the translated text, which they can later improvise manually.



Microsoft Language Portal is a unique language portal because it provides direct machine translations and offers other great features such as computer terminology and API. Best of all, it provides free online features or downloaded tools.