It is hard to pronounce words of any other language in your native accent. However, you can learn how to improve your pronunciation by using online resources. There are  wonderful websites offering pronunciation learning in an easy and efficient way. You will need to listen to the words there and pronounce them. In this article, you will find 10 online websites that are helpful in improving your pronunciation.


EslPod is the favorite podcast of millions of people. You will find a lot of topics there. By listening to the same words several times, you will be able to pronounce them properly. You can choose topics of your taste there. It is the most enjoyable way to enhance your pronunciation.

English Funcast

English Fun Cast is the most fun way to learn English and improve your pronunciation. Ron G is the host of this podcast. He is a famous Canadian comedian and teacher. By listening to his comic podcasts, you will be able to learn English quickly and efficiently. He has a huge experience of teaching English in foreign countries as well. You will surely enjoy his jokes and improve your pronunciation at the same time.


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Saundz is an online app allowing its users to improve their English pronunciation by reducing their accent. Users of this app are taught all 40 sounds of the English language. According to the recent stats, the pronunciation of a Saundz user improves substantially after practicing on this app for 10 hours. Moreover, Saundz has very good user reviews. Pronunciation is as important as grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. It can only be improved through listening, learning, and practicing. It is a highly recommended app for all of you.

English Pronunciation Lab

You need a lot of confidence to speak a non-native language in public or at a professional level. Heather Hansen developed a video course that solves a major language issue, pronunciation. By watching Hansen’s videos, you can improve your pronunciation viably. Hansen also gives you handy tips about how to boost your mind and control your nerves while speaking a non-native language. After completing this video course, you will feel better while speaking English. Moreover, you will be able to speak clearly and confidently in public.

Anglo – Link

If you want to improve your British English accent, then you have to join Anglo – Link. On this website, you will find excellent pronunciation videos developed by Minoo Short. Short has organized a wonderful video course for those who want to improve their British English accent. There are two most important aspects of learning pronunciation including listening and repeating. The more you listen, the better you speak.

Rachel’s English

It is one of the best websites for learning how to pronounce words in the American accent. Rachel has beautifully explained the right pronunciation of US English words in her videos on Rachel’s English. You will find more than 400 videos there. If you want to learn US English in a funny way, then join Rachel’s English now. The main goal of Rachel is to help people speak English better. Moreover, you will get different courses, lessons, books, and podcasts.


If you want to learn pronunciation in a cheap way, then you must take a subscription to Netflix. By watching your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix, you will find yourself speaking English and other languages better. Isn’t it amazing to improve your language skills while enjoying your favorite movies? I will surely go for this option to improve as I love movies and TV shows. Many translators and transcribers have already improved their pronunciation through Netflix. Will you be the next one?


YouGlish offers pronunciation services in many languages. If you want to improve British, or US English accent, then YouGlish is a perfect place for you. Using YouGlish, you will know how a word is pronounced by native speakers. Here, you use YouTube to improve your English pronunciation. No matter which language you speak, YouGlish is your perfect partner to improve your pronunciation. is one of the best websites to improve your pronunciation. You will get Skype lessons from this website. In those lessons, you will hear the words spoken by native speakers. After listening to the words, you will practice them several times. It is a perfect place to learn English. You will get a better understanding of the meanings of the words, their use in different situations and in different sentences, and their perfect pronunciation. YouTube

Everyone loves to spend some time watching YouTube videos. Isn’t it better to learn pronunciation on YouTube? If yes, then you need to join My YouTube channel. You will find a lot of handy video lessons there uploaded by professional language teachers working with Make your YouTube experience great by subscribing to this pronunciation teaching channel on YouTube.


World Wide Web (www) is one of the best teachers of the modern era. It is a new way to learn pronunciation by using different websites. Some of them are free, some are not. I think you learn well if you pay for a service. It keeps you motivated to take lessons regularly. Moreover, paid websites have better courses as compared to free courses. But the best part lies in the fact that you can improve your pronunciation without going to a language class physically thanks to the internet.