Translation is often used nowadays to help people from different areas understand each others. But did you already asked yourself what translation truly is? Let’s be honest, this is not the kind of question we try to find answers to. But i think we should do so. And since it’s not the easiest thing in the world, i’ll try to let you know what it is using quotes

Quote #1

“Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.” George Steiner


Many people often ask themselves why they need translation and what is translation? So, basically, translation is the meaning of one language in another language. It is a way to communicate with those who do not understand your language. The process of conveying a message in a similar tone from one language to another language is known as translation. People started translating languages centuries ago with the beginning of written literature. Translation allows people to talk everywhere in the world. Without translation, it would truly be difficult to communicate effectively

Quote #2

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really large matter – it is difference between lightning and lightning bug” Mark Twain

What is translation? Translation means the carrying across of a text from one language to another language. It is the responsibility of a translator to convey the message given in a source language to the targeted language. The tone, intent, and meaning must be kept the same. Different words have different meanings in different languages. It is the responsibility of a translator to nullify these differences.

Quote #3

“All translation is a compromise-the effort to be literal and the effort to be idiomatic” Benjamin Jowett

Translation is the transference of linguistic entities from one language to similar entities in another language. As the world is moving along and becoming a global village, the importance of translation has increased significantly. People from USA are interested in talking and doing business with people from Japan. The US people need to know the meaning of Japanese in English. Similarly, Japanese people need to know the meaning of English words in Japanese. Thanks to the translators who help people conveying the message given in one language to another, things become easier!

Quote #4

“A translation is no translation, he said until it will give you the music of a poem along with the words of it” John Millington Synge

What does it means? Though this seems difficult to explain, it’s easier than you think. In fact, it just means that translation is not just telling what a group of words or sentences mean in another language. It has also a lot to see with transferring emotions.

Quote #5

“Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture”Anthony Burgess


Translation is an important field that is growing as time flies. Where there is literature, there is a need for translation. Any written paper can be translated into another language. Translation is the conversion of words from language to another language by keeping a similar tone, meaning, and purpose in consideration. Doing so, a translator can make people from another country and culture, understand aspects of cultures they didn’t know before.

What is


Quote #6

“Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes” Gunter Grass

This quote is all about the universal aspect of translation and how in different places, same things can be expressed with no alteration. For example, as an English native speaker, you say “good morning” every single day. Thanks to translation, you can express the same thing while transforming your “Good morning” to “Bonjour” in case you talk to French native speakers. Same thing applies when you say “Buenos dias” to Spanish native speakers. Your initial “Good morning” is transformed, but nothing changes at all! Call it magic if you want, but there’s a better word to express what this is: Translation.

Quote #7

“Translating is producing analogous effects by different means” Paul Valery

This quote almost means the same thing as the previous one. Let’s say you participated in a lottery abroad and win a big cash prize. Even if you don’t understand the language spoken in the country you’re visiting, as soon as a translator will make you understand that “you’re rich”, it will have a huge effect. Same thing applies if a stranger gets rich while visiting your country. In both cases, although things might be expressed in various languages, the effect will still be the same. You will feel joy and happiness!

Quote #8

“Writer’s make national literature, while translators make universal literature” José Saramago

There is a huge difference between a writer and a translator. A writer knows to write words and sentences in one language. It is the ability of a translator to make the words of a writer to be read and understood globally. For example, an English writer knows to write a paper in the English language while a translator knows how to convert that English paper into other languages. So, translators are surely helping people to keep talking all across the world.

Quote #9

“Translation is one of the few human activities where the impossible occur by principle” Mariano Antolín Rato

I love this quote a lot since in principle, something impossible cannot be done. Translation as the power to remove this problem, making words, sentences, speeches, movies, understandable worldwide. Seems normal nowadays but I’m pretty sure that centuries ago, it would have been just impossible.

Quote #10

“Machine translation will displace only those humans who translate like machines” Arle Richard Lommel

There is a huge difference between human translation and machine translation. The tone and meaning of the words cannot be delivered by a machine from one language to another language. There are people who have control in different languages. They can translate one language to another language on the base of their understandability and knowledge of both languages. It is recommended to take human translation services for getting the best results.